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tire - 275/60 R15 MA-750 OWL M+S Maxxis 107S

tire - 275/60 R15 MA-750 OWL M+S Maxxis 107S Rial Offroad summer Sealants and adhesives Steel wheel utilities

tire -  - Offroad summer, Sealants and adhesives , Rial

Offroad summer
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Maxxis MA-750 Maxxis Offroad summer tyre
The tyre manufacturer Maxxis offers a range of tyres for all types of vehicles. The Maxxis MA-750 is particularly recommended in the tyre category Offroad summer. The Maxxis MA-750 can be mounted on all vehicles that meet the standard dimensions 275 60 15 107S, and specifically the diameter of 15 inches mentioned on the technical documentation or the registration certificate of the vehicle. Tyre fitting in a dimension other than the original equipment (OE) tyre is possible only if the sizes of the rims and tyres approved for your vehicle are listed in the vehicle certificate of conformity. If you want to change the size of your Maxxis tyres and mount them on steel or alloy rims with a larger diameter, it can be possible to refer to the ABE certification documents. These documents are used in Germany to certify vehicles or vehicle parts. However, deviate from the original dimensions may present the risk of modifying the behavior of the vehicle and therefore your safety. You could be fined by police, not be approved at a roadworthiness test centre or not be covered by your regular vehicle insurance.

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